Re: Article “On Central Planning”

“Love it--keep thinking and publishing!”

J.W., Puerto Vallarta, June 11, 2018  · 

JUN 1, 2017
To: Bob Hoye - From: Charles W. Peabody
Subject: Fwd: Bank of America Corp. (BAC - Sell): Bank of America: Company Lowers Guidance
"These banks continue to act like crap in the face of constant positive commentary by the talking heads.  You've had a great call.  Congrats!"
Charles W. Peabody, Managing Director
Equity Research, Compass Point Research & Trading, LLC

· "Central Planning And Big Government: Kaput" Your treatise is simply outstanding.”, 2017. D.P. Portfolio Manager.​

· “The research team at Institutional Advisors is without peer.” Senior Director—Investments, big firm in Stamford, Connecticut, December, 2016.

· “Your Draining The Swamp’ One of the best explanations I’ve read re what’s going on.” Long term subscriber, 

November 23, 2016 on the US election.

· “Institutional Advisors has one of the finest and most accurate subscription services on the web.” Robert Moriarty, 321 Gold, 2016.

· "I thank you for this fine work on the bond market." Jim Grant, February, 2015 GRANT'S Interest Rate Observer


“Bob, your remarks were on target and well delivered.

If you get down to Houston, would you consider speaking to the NASA Johnson Space Center climate group that I’m a member of?”

--TM, Meteorologist, June 11, 2014.